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Requirements for MLEOA

Sponsored and Compensated Training

The Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Association (MLEOA) will sponsor training for requesting agencies that have specific needs and are willing to provide a location for the training.  Sponsored training is based on the availability of Certified Instructors, availability of funds, and approval from the MLEOA Executive Board.

The following requirements must be met prior to the beginning of training sessions:

  1. The agency must request the training from MLEOA and provide information of number of students and availability of training location.
  2. A qualified instructor approved by the Board on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Training (BLEOST) and the MLEOA Executive Board must be available to conduct the training.
  3. The training course must ensure that the instruction is based on course objectives, appropriate instructional methods are used, and the instructional outcome is measured by testing.
  4. A lesson plan must be submitted to the MLEOA Executive Board by the instructor and reviewed and approved prior to training.
  5. The lesson plan must include the instructional goal of the lesson, learning objectives, the content of the training and specification of the appropriate instructional techniques, and identification of any tests used in the training process.
  6. If the training involves practical exercises or scenario based training, the training must have learning objectives, performance measures, grading guidelines, and a risk assessment of safety issues.

Instructors will be compensated by MLEOA in accordance with the following schedule:

  1. The training proposal must be submittted to the MLEOA Executive Board for approval. The proposal must outline the number of hours for the course, the number of instructors, and the hourly rate per instructor.
  2. The instructor(s) will receive reimbursement for travel mileage (Based on the state mileage rate), Lodging, and Meals (Based on the state meal allowance).

Request for training by agencies or instructors should be submitted to the MLEOA Training Committee by contacting Executive Secretary/Treasurer Richard Chandler at 131 N. FRONT STREET SENATOBIA, MS 38618. Cell phone 662-420-6542, or email at

The JusticeXchange

Did you know?

The JusticeXchange is a nation-wide information-sharing solution for law enforcement officers, providing them with an instant, up-to-date database of booking records, warrants and other data from thousands of agencies across the country. 

For more information on registering for and using this service, click on the brochure to the left.

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