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2019 Conference

The 2019 Annual Conference came to a close on June 14th after a great week of training, fun and camaraderie.  Training this year consisted of K9 Training, Horse Mounted Patrols, Cell Phone and Social Media Investigation, and Motorcycle Training.  The Motorcycle, Horse Mounted Patrol, and K9 Training consisted of several events culminating in skill exhibitions that gave the participants the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they acquired in their training.   

Officer of the Year

Each year, the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Association recognizes an officer for their accomplishments with an “Officer of the Year” award.  This honor is bestowed upon an officer who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in the service of their community.  The emphasis of this award is not always based on a single act of heroism but for those who excel in the daily performance of their duty and demonstrate a distinct pattern of dedication and professionalism.

This year’s award goes to Officer Michael Tarrio with the Jackson Police Department for his actions. 

On May 9, 2018 at approximately 0100 hours while on patrol, Officer Michael Tarrio observed a white SUV speeding on Cooper Road.  As it neared near Rainey Road, the vehicle pulled into the Valero gas station located at 905 Rainey RD, Jackson, MS. This vehicle was occupied by two black male subjects who were later identified as Elliott and Chauncey Reed.  Officer Tarrio parked his patrol unit in front of the SUV to prevent the vehicle from driving away. The driver Elliott Reed exited the vehicle to go inside of the gas station when the officer advised him to return to the vehicle.  The driver returned to the vehicle the officer noticed there was weapons on the floor of the vehicle.  Officer Tarrio instructed the driver Elliott Reed to face him and step out of the vehicle.  The driver refused to comply with Tarrio's commands and then jumped out of the vehicle and got into a physical confrontation with the officer. While wrestling with the officer, Elliot instructed his brother to come help.  Elliott then tried to take Tarrio's weapon from his holster.  It was at this time that Tarrio said his training kicked in and he was able to prevent the suspects from taking his weapon. Elliot then told his brother to shoot the officer. Chauncey went into the vehicle and got an assault rifle and fired shots at the officer which caused Tarrio and Elliott Reed to fall to the ground. Tarrio was able to break away and quickly get up to draw his weapon and return fire while taking cover behind his patrol unit. Officer Tarrio fired several shots at these suspects and into to the vehicle hitting the driver Elliott Reed who was later pronounced dead and the other brother Chauncey Reed was taken into custody and charged with Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer and Capitol Murder. Officer Michael Tarrio suffered no injuries in this incident and was able to get two dangerous criminals off of the streets of Jackson.

MLEOA is proud to present Officer Tarrio with the 2019 Officer of the Year Award.  Officer Tarrio will receive a plaque and a $400.00 gift card toward the purchase of a weapon of his choice.


As law enforcement officers we understand that during our careers we will make many sacrifices to help our communities on a daily basis.

One of those sacrifices is the time spent away from our families and that is a sacrifice that is made not only by us as officers and deputies, but by our families as well, who wait anxiously for our return while we are gone.

This is one reason why it is so important to us on the MLEOA Board to award these scholarships at our banquet every year. Each time we award these scholarships, it reminds us of how precious little time that we have with our children as they are growing up.  The scholarships that we award also give us the opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication that these bright young adults have put in. These fundamentals are just a few of the building blocks that will be the foundation for their continued success in life.

Our first scholarship to be awarded was the Robbie Maxwell Memorial Scholarship.  

The next scholarship awarded was the Bill Martin Memorial Scholarship.  

The final scholarship awarded was the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers’ Association Academic Award

K9 Results

Detection scramble

1st           Hunter Solomon / K9 Kiro             Hernando PD

2nd          Shaun Jimmie / K9 Soco               Choctaw PD 

3rd           Ken Strodstorm / K9 Apollo          Tupelo PD

Hard Dog Fast Dog

1st           Mike Ray / K9  Enzo                     Tupelo PD

2nd          Chris Gilland / K9 Chase               Baldwin PD 

3rd           Matt McCain / K9 Castor               Flowood PD 


Division 1


3rd                           Jonathan Soto                 Mobile PD

2nd                           Timothy Freeman            Mobile PD

1st                           Mike Krauss                     Gulfport PD



3rd                           James Westbrook            Flowood PD

2nd                           Skyler Wright                 Mobile PD

1st                           John Saucier                   Flowood PD



3rd                           Ryan Blakely                      Mobile PD

2nd                           Jay Bass                            MHP

1st                           Kenny Free                         Desoto CO SO

Division 2




2nd                           Nathan Ryan                     Southaven PD

1st                           Tim Burnham                     Southaven PD



3rd                           William Higdon                 Olive Branch PD

2nd                          Jay Crawford                     Olive Branch PD  

1st                           Walter Medford                 Olive Branch PD



3rd                           Gregory Stacks                  Desoto CO SO

2nd                           Michael Dupuy                   WBRSO

1st                           Clifton Brown                     WBRSO

Division 3



1st                           Paul Barnard                      Pineville PD                       



Slow Ride

3rd                           Kenny Free                       Desoto CO SO

2nd                           Michael Dupuy                  WBRSO

1st                           Clifton Brown                    WBRSO


Challenge Ride

3rd                           Miller                                WBRSO

2nd                          Logan                                Desoto CO SO

1st                          Barnard                              Pineville PD


Partner Ride

3rd                          Chapin/Finnegan

2nd                         Bass/Jarvis

1st                          Dupuy/Miller


50+ Overall

                              David Matos                       Hattiesburg PD


B.R.A.T. (Best Rider Around Town)                              

                            Clifton Brown                       WBRSO

Mounted Officer’s Obstacle Course

“Fleeing Felon Challenge”


  • Timed event
  • Fastest gait allowed is trot
  • If canter, every stride is a 5 second penalty
  • Allowed three attempts at every obstacle
  • If they miss an obstacle deliberately, 30 second penalty
  • If they knock an obstacle over, 30 second penalty
  • If they drop the dummy, 15 second penalty
  • If they back up, 5 second penalty
  • If they canter all the way through, disqualified
  • If they deliberately drop the dummy, disqualified


1. Heath Spears, HCSO, 1:23

2. Paul Mullins, HCSO, 1:10 +15 = 1:25

3. Matt Kinne, OPD, 1:26

4. Blake Horton, OPD, 1:25 +15 +5 = 1:45

5. Justin Flanagan, HCSO, 1:37 +5 +5 = 1:47

6. Jeff Middleton, HCSO, 1:26 +5 +5 +15 = 1:51

7. Joseph Jones, NOPD, 1:30 +15 +5 +5 = 1:55

8. Mark Whitaker, OPD, 2:08

9. Binky Orr, MPD, 1:49 +25 = 2:14

10. Matthew Brown, OPD, 2:24 +5 = 2:29

11. David Liang, NOPD, 5:29

12. Exhibition Run, Leslie Mayhall, MPD, 1:23

Click here for information about the 2020 MLEOA Conference.

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