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In Memorial 

The MLEOA recognizes the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters in law enforcement.  

Since the 1800's, 212 law enforcement officers have lost their lives in the line of duty, statewide.

May we never forget.


The Policeman's Prayer

Oh Almighty God, whose great power and
eternal wisdom embraces the universe
Watch over all policeman and law
enforcement officers.

Protect them from harm in the
performance of their duty to stop crime,
robberies, riot and violence.
We pray, help them keep our streets
and homes safe by day and night.

We commend them to your loving care
because their duty is dangerous.
Grant them your unending strength
and courage in their daily assignments.
Dear God, protect these brave men;
grant them your almighty protection.
Unite them safely with their families
after duty has ended.

15aven's Warrior

Long ago in heaven
The Lord had a plan, 
He knew this world would need 
A strong and courageous man... 
He knew there would be battles 
Needing to be won...
He knew He needed someone
Who believed in His Son... 
He knew it would be hard, 
And victory would seem fleeting
And that from this world
Evil would need defeating! 
The Lord knew it would be hard,
And not just anyone would do...
He knew it'd take a special Man, 
And so He sent us You... 
An Angel sent from Heaven,
You are a shining light! 
You sacrifice much for others, 
You bravely fight the fight! 
You care for those around You
With unfailing love, 
You are a gift to us
Sent from Heaven above!
I pray that all Your days, 
The Angels may attend... 
You are a Son of God, 
Called to save Your fellow men... 
And in the darkest hours, 
May you yet recall -
Our Savior went before You, 
He died to save us all... 
You are so dearly loved 
And may you always know - 
You are in my heart and prayers 
Everywhere I go!

Sherri Kelly

Former Hattiesburg PD Dispatcher

Mississippi Law Enforcement Officer's Association

131 North Front St

Senatobia, MS  38668

(662) 420-6542

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